1. Join Us and declare your support for the Preserves
Our goal is to find 1000's of Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves so we can show everyone on the forgotten coast and beyond that the Buffer and Aquatic Preserves matter.

2. Be an advocate for the region
Plants (rare, endangered and threatened) and animals that call the Buffer and St. Joseph Bay home ... will be thankful for your commitment to help.
Stay Informed about the issues and involved by joining us.

3. Make a contribution
Your contribution is combined with other like-minded contributors to purchase items for the Preserve such as the tram used for events. Also, to buy land that will complement the existing acreage of the Preserve. Donate

4. Tell a Friend
Help us find more friends and get the word out about what is happening at the Preserves.

5. Partner with the Community
Establish a relationship with a community or local organization that is doing work along the Forgotten Coast. Ask them directly how you can help out.

6. Volunteer
Volunteer your time working at the Buffer or Aquatic offices. You might like to monitor special projects, help keep front flower beds clean for curbside appeal or form a committee to make a wonderful contribution to a special event such as Bay Day.

7. Visit the Area